Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo Villoresi first became interested in the world of spices and essences when he made his first trip to the Middle East in 1981. At that time he was also spending long periods of time abroad; fascinated by the markets and atmosphere of the places he visited, he brought back to Italy spices, which he also used for cooking, as well as essences and aromatic substances, which he would often present to his friends and acquaintances as gifts.

During those years he began to experiment, distilling aromatic plants, producing dyes and creating his first formulas with essential oils, in response to the demands and wishes of his friends and family. In this way, he started to study the world of aromatic materials and essences in more detail, including extraction methods and composition techniques. By the end of the 1980s and during the early years of his academic career as a researcher of Ancient Philosophy, the world of perfumes had become his real passion.

This passion only became a true business activity in May 1990, when the fashion house Fendi commissioned a range of room essences, pot-pourris and scented candles. From that point onwards, along with a series of major collaborations with famous names in the Italian and international worlds of fashion, the first products were developed under the Lorenzo Villoresi brand: fragrances for the home, for the bathroom and finally, in 1991, the first personal fragrance Uomo, immediately followed by Donna and other Eau de Toilettes. Some of these represent Villoresi’s own interpretation of classic perfumery themes, such as Sandalo, Patchouli and Vetiver, whilst others, such as Dilmun, Alamut and Teint de Neige, or Iperborea and Theseus, have been inspired by imaginary worlds, myths and legends from different countries and cultures, exotic and dreamlike settings and landscapes. One of the characteristic features of Lorenzo Villoresi’s creations is the use of the finest natural extracts and essences, combined with a personal taste for a rich composition of tones and of different, yet harmonious, atmospheres. Each fragrance is a unique artistic creation, independent of any fashions or trends, with the sole objective of embodying the idea, the “fragrant vision” that from time to time inspires the perfumer.

In addition to certain works pertaining to his university studies, Lorenzo Villoresi is the author of several publications on perfume, such as “Il Profumo” (1995) and “L’Arte del Bagno” (1996), published by Ponte alle Grazie, Florence. From 1996 to 1999 he edited and contributed to the work entitled “Il Mondo del Profumo” (Fabbri-De Agostini), attending international congresses such as “Profumi d’Arabia”, at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, and holding conferences at the University of Florence on the aromas of antiquity. In 2010 he edited and wrote the foreword to the work entitled “Il profumo del mondo antico”, by G. Squillace, the first Italian translation of the treatise “De Odoribus” (Concerning Odours) by Theophrastus (Olschki).

In 2006 he won the prestigious international “Prix Francois Coty” Paris award, the most important prize awarded in recognition of a perfumer’s career achievements.

Today, at his studio on via de’ Bardi in Florence, Lorenzo Villoresi continues to create personal fragrances by appointment, whilst collections bearing his name are now present in forty countries. Most recent developments include a special hotel collection which is available in the top hotels of the world.