Museum and Academy of Perfume

Florence, the city of “Genius” par excellence and launch pad for a multitude of cultural innovations, will soon house a unique and extraordinary centre, the first of its kind, dedicated to the world of Perfume and Fragrances, as wished for by Lorenzo and Ludovica Villoresi.

This “Museum of Scent” will make it possible to get close to this fascinating and sometimes mysterious world, via a journey through the senses which will stimulate our deepest emotions and bring them to the surface.

In the ancient family Palace in Via de’ Bardi 12, born from the union of two pre-existing 15th century houses, Lorenzo Villoresi has created his very own “wunderkammer” - a highly accessible and inviting place, open to the world and all those who seek, through the senses, their own inner peace and tranquillity.

The creation of this centre is, for the Florentine perfumer, the realization of a life-long dream: to give a “location” to a world which is in actual fact volatile and intangible. A place which is accessible even to novices, who can indulge their passion, just as a child would, each person journeying through their different memories, innermost feelings and new emotions.

The ‘academy’, which strikes a delicate and modern balance between an Atelier and an Education Centre and a has its own secret garden and will become a Perfume Centre where courses, events and seminars will be held which focus on the world of fragrances. All set amongst aromatic gardens, terraces and botanical trails where visitors can discover and delve into the ancient secrets of the art of perfumery and spice hunting.

The centre will be 1000 square metres in size, split on three floors with a 200 square metre internal garden, and divided according to different themes and study areas spread around the building.

On the Ground Floor there will be an Olfactory Experience Centre, where the journey through the senses begins, leading straight to the Secret Garden and the Belvedere Terrace, where the aromatic plants are studied and cultivated and where visitors can have a coffee and engage in conversation. On the same floor there will be a Library, Research Centre and Showroom, dedicated to Books, Fragrances, Perfumes and Lorenzo Villoresi’s Collections, as well as a large Conversation Salon for leisurely discussions with fellow enthusiasts by the 15th century stone fireplace.

On the upper floor the actual study area begins: located here are the rooms dedicated to Seminars and Courses, where research can be carried out using personal computers, as well as the Specialised Olfactory Centre, a sort of Library of scents with over 2000 essences and varieties of aromatic substances, safely preserved by the constantly monitored air-conditioning system.

The objective of all these activities is to stimulate and involve a wide variety of people, from those working in the sector, to wine experts, chefs, self-taught fragrance enthusiasts and children and adolescents who will have the opportunity here to discover and learn about their own sense of smell - a sense which has been increasingly “suppressed” by nowadays city life - through a “study of the senses”. In this way, they can perhaps regain a sense which, if nurtured, holds the key to a never-ending succession of feelings and emotions.