An astonishing and extraordinary aroma with a changing fragrance,
opulent and mysterious throughout the ages,
captivating, seductive and unknown.
Harvested from the ocean's beaches or floating on the surface,
Changing in colour, it is sister to the waves and the depths of the sea
and holds the sensual embrace of dark seaweed and the crisp fragrance of sea foam.
Mindful of the scents of all the seas it crossed, the coral reefs, the rocky depths
and the immense mysterious caverns, from as far back as ancient times.
With the thrilling memory of boundless ocean floors, large and comfortably warm lagunas,
vast shoals of playful, whirling fish and waves endlessly chasing their tails from sunrise to sunset.

Top notes: Green-citrus notes, galbanum, cistus, elemi and cardamom.
Middle notes: Labdanum, myrrh, frankincense, pepper, clove buds, nutmeg and amber notes.
Base notes: Amber, musk, sandalwood, animal notes and aromatic woods.