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Fragrances and artistic feelings are the soul of a Perfume House.
They represent the identity and the vision of the brand.
Every fragrance is a universe, a magic alchemy of aromatic substances that blend to awaken emotions, passions and feelings.

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  1. Dilmun Eau de Toilette,Eau de Toilette Extra,Trial Size
    Eau de Toilette, Eau de Toilette Extra, Trial Size
    Dilmun is heaven for the ancient people of Mesopotamia, the Garden of the Sun where bushes are laden with buds, where flowering plants climb, and lapis lazuli leaves are mixed with sweet fruits. A sunny, radiant fragrance where notes of Neroli and Orange blossoms develop against a background of Opoponax and Incense, aromatic woods and Vanilla, with green undertones of Laurel leaves. Learn More
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