Maison Villoresi

The world of perfumes is a universe without limits

Welcome to the world of Lorenzo Villoresi. Embark on a journey through stories, perfumes, emotions, feelings, scents and colours. A captivating world of harmony and creativity.

The maison

The perfume house was founded by Lorenzo Villoresi in 1990 after completing his degree in philosophy and spending years travelling, experimenting, studying raw materials and blending custom-made fragrances. The Maison embodies a world rich in the charm and influences of diverse countries and cultures. The creation of fragrances has always included every aspect of their making. Production is still carried out internally and requires meticulous attention to detail and an ongoing quest for the highest quality. The hexagonal bottle has become a distinctive feature of these classical yet modern collections, representing understated, personal luxury. The desire for beauty determines the choice of high-quality ingredients for the fragrances and the finest, timeless materials for packaging and accessories. The intrinsic value of the raw materials gives rise to the intangible identity of the Maison, made up of emotion, creativity, harmony, innovation, vision, authenticity and a constant pursuit for excellence.


Lorenzo Villoresi has both a cosmopolitan and curious vocation. His background is nourished by diverse family memories, customs and languages, joining a lean, subtly ironic yet discerning Tuscan nature.
A childhood growing up in the family villa in the hills around Florence, in close contact with nature, left a lasting impression on him. The family home was a special place filled with games and imagination, a unique setting for olfactory magic.
To complete his degree in philosophy, he later headed to the Middle East on the trail of ancient cultures, such as the Jewish, Egyptian and Mesopotamian. There he discovered a world of essences and perfumes along with the flavors and customs of those countries.
The Middle East yielded scents and sensations that would feed into the creation of sought-after perfumes, renowned for their sophisticated blends of high-quality ingredients. Fragrances made to be timeless and which never cease to amaze.

The Boutique

The boutique, set inside a Renaissance palazzo in the heart of Florence, is the entrance to the world of Villoresi. The ancient, elegant building and carefully restored frescoes are a frame for this bright, evocative space that hosts the maison’s complete collections and welcomes curious visitors. It is a must-see for anyone who is passionate about perfumes, and Lorenzo Villoresi offers a unique experience into the world of his creations, accompanied by skilled staff who will guide you on a fragrant journey of discovery.

Via de' Bardi 12 - Firenze
Tel +39 055 2341187
opening time: from Monday to Saturday - 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Museo Villoresi

The museum offers an interactive journey into the world of fragrances to learn all about how a perfume is born, the rare ingredients used, their scents, their charm and the evocative power they each hold.